Creative interpretation



...taking a concept and reimagining it for the tangible world…


Taking a concept and reimagining it for the tangible world requires a unique set of skills. The Emmantics approach to art direction focuses on respect for a brand and an understanding of the audience, combined with attention to detail.

Emma Louise has worked with London-based photographer Jonny Pakington to visualise personalised wrapping paper start-up, and collaborated on projects for online digital print company, She has also curated a window-display for the high-end tailor, Turnbull & Asser.

Direction services include:

  •  Art direction for photoshoots
  • Product styling
  • Magazine
  • Editorial
  •  Infographics 
Emma bought a new dimension to our retail windows in 2016. Her experience with print design and her creativity helped recognise our brand’s love for eccentricity.
— Steven Quinn - Retail Director, Turnbull & Asser


Cut through the digital noise


Web design, UX, email design and build, app design, web banners and online advertising.

Marketing made tangible


Direct mail, corporate communications, branding, packaging, display and signage.

Planning for success


Brand identity and guidelines, content planning and customer acquisition and retention.