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A career that spans from Sydney to London


Emmantics was created by seasoned designer and marketer, Emma Louise. She wanted to find a way to bridge the gap between design and marketing to offer a fusion service which seamlessly blended the best of both disciplines.

Emma Louise moved to London in 2010, fresh from Qantm University in Sydney, Australia. Over the last 7 years, she has developed and honed skills in print, digital, UX and art direction.

This intuitive collaboration between function and aesthetics removes the friction between marketing and design teams and offers two professionals for the price of one.

Emma Louise is available for freelance work through Emmantics or as part of Triple Shot—an on-demand creative team.



Emmantics = Emma + Semantics

Semantics focuses on the relationship between words and symbols. It’s our interpretation of this relationship that forms the foundation of communication.


Emmantics and Triple Shot


Emma Louise forms one third of the on-demand creative team, Triple Shot—the affordable, flexible alternative to creative agencies. Her design and marketing experience is rounded off with the additional content, branding and front-end development skills of two other creative professionals.